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Build a more inclusive culture with Workbud..

Empower your employees to drive meaningful change with our first of its kind DEIB platform. Experience the power of collective action with effective ERGs - transform your workplace and boost your bottomline.

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Employee wellbeing

A sense of connectedness & belonging at work

Employees report a higher level of happiness when they feel connected & respected while working towards shared goals. Build your safe space with Workbud where people share a mutual interest, feel respected, cared about and recognized by others.

Support your colleagues for a better mental health at work

Fuel performance & enhance productivity with friendship

Build an organization culture where friendship thrives naturally

Harvard Business Review

“Workplaces are communities, built around the relationships we have with our peers. When these relationships are strong, they can be a source of energy, learning, and support.”

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All in one platform

Create communities & build thriving friendships


Create multiple communities with one click. Set up code of conduct, moderators, ban words & invite members…


Enable member engagement  with community feed, live stream, events, group chat, games and much more…


Keep community safe with multi level of moderation by designated moderators of each community…

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Build your own space for life at work & make relationships possible again

The Sharing & Caring

Being remote should not stop you from sharing some of the best moments of your life with your work buddies or be part of theirs like you always did

The Connections & Friendships

Welcoming a new member to your team or building a new friendship at work shouldn't have to be difficult in the new world of work

The Hangouts & Water cooler talks

Keep it fun and lively - it doesn't have to be just meetings & outputs. Share fun stuff with your colleagues from anywhere at anytime

The Learning & Growth

Learn a new skill together or building something together with like minded colleagues shouldn't have to stop just because you are in different cities


Discover what makes your coworkers unique, find out what you have in common..

Workbud empowers you with everyday tools to connect with your colleagues better. Get to know what makes them unique & learn more about their lives than just a video call

Share life moments - seek support or spread happiness. Stream, Post, Write from anywhere at will

Interact at will - congratulate, motivate or join the celebration from anywhere

Brainstorm, discuss, share ideas or have a friendly chat with your team mates anytime

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Endless possibilities

Let's put life back into work. Happy workdays benefit everyone.

Join an Event

Community events are a great way to network with like minded coworkers. Participate, Contribute or Organize an event for your community

Find a Mentor

Meaningful mentors can make a real difference in your career paths. Find your next mentor from anywhere in the organization and build a relationship

Learn a new Skill

Did you always want to learn a new technology or get a training for your hobby? Let's do it now. Your coworker might be an expert in that skill

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Check out Workbud in Action
Event Group Chat

Member committees organize events and plan community drives

Private group chats, video conferencing  & discussion boards help committee members function efficiently and keep the community business in order.

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beyond work

Working together was always social

Remember that childhood friend whose dad or mom worked with your mom or dad in the same office? Of course you do! - whats changed now? Can we bring back happy days! Benefits of being happy at work is endless -



Well being

Mental Health

Career Growth





community on the go
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Outdoor Events

Set up fun events online or in-person for all members with inbuilt event management.

Event Management

Organize events easily with Group chats and video calls for organizing committee members.

Event Scheduling

Schedule online or offline events for community members. RSVP & Waitlist options with calendar integration.

Inbuilt Webinar

Conduct online workshops with hundreds of participants and multiple trainers.

Results you ask?

Women who strongly agree they have a best friend at work are more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared with the women who say otherwise (29%).

Community, Cause and Career

A study by HBR® finds Community and Cause are at par with career - when they surveyed what employees really want from their jobs.

Community is about People

Feeling respected, cared about & recognized by others. A workplace culture with thriving communities are more preferred destinations to work

Having a best friend at work is more productive

A Gallup® study finds if companies encouraged friendship at work, they could realize - 36% fewer safety incidents, 7% more engaged customers and 12% higher profits

Women are more productive
Use Cases

Workbud Community Platform use cases reach far beyond employee engagement.

Product Marketing

Open Community for Product Marketing

Engage your customers with discussions boards, forums, product launches, live events, streaming demos and much more. Product education is key in today’s world of sales. Use all the tools of community to connect with your customer better.

Communities for Recruitment

Set up open forums to attract new talent. Engage interested candidates by showcasing company culture and career growth. Live events, streaming and groups chats help in engaging potential candidates.

Communities for Alumni Relations

Alumni are always a great source of referrals and potential new hires as well. Engage alumni with company news and events. Encourage them to refer new candidates or even return to their alma mater with open forums and posts.

What do employees say?

Make a best friend at work, learn a new skill and network with like minded colleagues.

construction supervisor

Being in a community together changed my viewpoint completely. My colleagues are so cool and super helpful. We share a new bond now. I love my work colleagues.

SupervisorManagerSenior Manager
manufacturing worker

We hang out with our boss over the weekend. Wow! that was unthinkable few days back. Being in a community together changed our relationship. We understand each other much better now.

HR ManagerSales PersonMarketing executive

Let's build our space for Life at Work

Build your communities today!

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