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Community .. your shared space

Community Membership, Group Chats & Timeline

Members feel like they belong. Share rich text posts, pictures, videos - connect with other members & hangout

Events, Common Goals, Leader boards & much more

Work together as a team to achieve community goals together. Shared goals help make friends & encourages teamwork

Live stream, Forums, Discussion groups, Games

Keep it fun and lively after a long day's work. Share fun stuff with your friends and colleagues from anywhere at anytime

Skill workshops, training programs & online events

Learn a new skill together with like minded colleagues by joining online expert workshops within your community

space for life

Let your employees discover they share more than just the company title

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A Space for you

Relationships at work matter. Getting along with your coworkers not only makes your days more pleasant but also makes you better at your job.

... feed, timeline, events, forum, live streaming, chat, goals, announcements, polls and much more ...

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