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Boost retention by enhancing impact engagement for all employees.

Erg led employee engagement

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Empower your ERG with Workbud
energize your erg

Streamline all your ERGs with member only spaces and dedicated resources for managers to make data driven decisions with real time insights!

ERGs are member only spaces with its own character

Post and share resources with ERG members (mission, goals, budgets, upcoming events, etc.) and enable members to participate in common goals and ERG actions!

Events, Common Goals, Leader boards & much more

Work together as a team to achieve community goals together. Shared goals boost inclusiveness and belonging. Members are cared for and respected in a community.

Live stream, Forums, Discussion groups, Polls & Surveys

Keep it fun and lively after a long day's work. Share fun stuff with your friends and colleagues from anywhere at anytime. Participate in company polls & surveys and earn rewards.

Customize dashboards with real time engagement data

Get real time engagement insights broken down by employee cohorts. Make data driven decisions to boost engagement across the organization. Build custom reports!

bring your whole shelf to work

Let your employees be themselves and discover they share more with their coworkers than just the company title

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A Space for you

Relationships at work matter. Getting along with your coworkers not only makes your days more pleasant but also makes you better at your job.

... having a work friend boosts your productivity and builds morale ...

ERGs for Healthcare and hospitalsERGs for manufacturing workers and frontline workersERGs for office workers and knowledge staff

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Contribute to your ERGs from anywhere. Participate in ERG goals and actions, join events and connect with your mentor from your personal device anytime.

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