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I never thought of sharing my passion for cooking with my coworkers until I learned my manager used to be the head chef at a restaurant. I feel at home now!

Mike has a new found connection with his boss. They both have something of mutual interest to talk with each other apart from work. A monotonous work relationship is a more natural friendship now.

Communities are changing workplaces, connecting people and building friendships. Like Mike, hundreds of other individuals are motivated at work as they relate to their coworkers differently now.

sharing a meal with my boss

Social Communities and employee resource groups

Join one or all the work at will

working parents community

Working Parents

Learn new parental hacks and share some of your best with your colleagues managing work and kids like you. Ask a friend.

we love pets community

We love Pets!

Share your pet stories. How is your furry baby handling the heat? Do you want to set up a play date? Need advise on finding a trusted vet?

diversity equity inclusion justice belonging

The Pride Group

An opt-in space for all colleagues. This is also a learning space and missteps might occur. Open conversations are the best way to make the workspace inclusive!

multi culture

Multicultural Group

Let's understand each other better by learning about our cultures. Share some cool stories about the place you grew up in.

outdoor sports

Outdoor Sports

Let's set up that next Tennis weekend for all. Did you say Tennis and Champagne do not go together? Hello...Wimbledon!

adventure sports


Share your climbing story today! How did your fascination towards adventure sports start? Live Stream your next adventure for all!

world cuisine

World Cuisines

Did you try that Indian Tandoori Chicken? Please teach me how to make that? How about we combine it with Peri Pari sauce?

traveling community

Traveling is Life

Live Stream your next bag packing trip across Eastern Europe. Did you say you have an airline upgrade hack? Let's travel together!

meditation community

Health & Mindfulness

Let's set up a group meditation class every Friday. We need that well deserved relaxation. Rejuvenate your mind and body.

Crypto currency resource

Let's talk Crypto

Calling all crypto experts to educate all of us. What's all the craze about? Are NFTs still a thing? How about we set up a Crypto event..

fundraising for a cause

I care for a cause

What are the causes you are passionate about? Let's work together and magnify the impact together.

Employee resource groups


We support each other! Employee resource group is that support we all need at some point in life, personal or professional.

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With moderators and code of conduct for each community - provide an inclusive space for all.

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